Energy Sources – Types Of Energy Sources

Types Of Energy Sources

There are two types of energy sources on which energy production of the world moves around. These are Non Renewable energy and Renewable energy sources. Non-renewable energy source is still the major source of energy production worldwide. Whereas, Renewable energy is playing small role in production of energy. Let’s discuss each type of energy sources in details individually.

 types of energy sources

Non Renewable energy source

Non-renewable energy source is the oldest way of producing energy worldwide.  This source is responsible for producing 80% of energy worldwide. Non-renewable energy resources are the ones exist within our earth with which energy production becomes possible. These resources are Fossil fuel – OilCoalNatural GasNuclear energy.  With help of these sources energy is being produced for hundreds of years.  There is couple of major cons of using these natural sources of nature.

Non renewable sources

First these natural sources of energy are available within earth abundantly but not unlimited; they are going to end eventually. For example oil, natural gas, coal etc. are going to end once they are completely utilized to produce energy. Secondly, these sources of energy releases green house gasses, carbon emissions and other harmful substances, which pollute atmosphere of earth. Our atmosphere has been already damaged badly and due to which earth temperature has been raising by 1 degree centigrade yearly. This phenomenon of earth getting hotter slowly but constantly is known as Global warming.

In earlier twenty first century the importance of renewable energy sources were realized.

Renewable energy sources

Renewable energy source is the hope for scientists to not only produce enough energy from and also to protect earth’s atmosphere at same time. Renewable energy is produced from the natural sources of earth, which are found abundantly and have no fear of consume them completely. These sources are wind, Sun light, Water, Geothermal, Biomass etc. The other major advantages of using such renewable energy sources is that they do not release green house gasses which pollute air and destroy earth’s atmosphere.

renewable energy sources

Widely used renewable energy sources are solar energyWind energy and Biomass. However, Geothermal and Tidal energy (Water) are limited to geographical locations. We have discuss all renewable sources in detailed and complete working and other related articles which you may go through as you browse our website.

Have you ever wonder why oil prices are raising worldwide, slowly and gradually getting beyond affordability? It is because most of the oil is used to produce energy in different parts of the world. The increase demand in oil for energy production industry in last few decays raised prices. It goes for other fossil fuels like coal. The more we use such sources; we get more closer to completely utilized them and also increase global warming courtesy of carbon emissions and other harmful gasses. Therefore, we as nations, and earth habitants got to think about such resources which not only help the cause of producing energy but also save our planet earth. And ‘renewable energy sources’ is the answer.