Types Of Air Pollution

Air pollution is one of the major problems of the present world. There are so many causes that can pollute the air completely and spread different types of dangerous diseases. On the basis of the different causes of air pollution it can be distinguished into different types. Mainly the type of the air pollution depends on some of the natural resources and most of them are composed of natural sources. Some important and common types that have great effect on the air of the environment and they also take part in spreading different types of dangerous diseases. Some types of air pollution are as follows

The first type of the air pollution is the smog. It is defined as when the smoke present in the atmosphere after emitting from different sources is combined with the fog present in the air, a mixture formed that is referred to as smog. Basically different types of factories or the industries are responsible for the formation of the smog. when the industries do their production from different materials, they can use different types of chemicals for the cleaning, refining or some kind of production processes, as a result these chemicals can produce different types of toxic materials that can emits in the form of the smoke from the chimney of the factory and form a bond of with the fog and cause different harmful diseases. Living in the smog is equal to the living with smokers; it can cause serious respiratory diseases.

Green House Effect:
Another type of the air pollution is the green house effect. It is that type of air pollution that is formed due to the contamination of several important gases with the air. it is characterized when the gases called as green house gases when move upward and combine with the atmosphere and then return back to the earth and destroy different types of things such as crops, plants, human lives, livestock etc. These gases are basically six in number and they are; methane, sulphur, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen and ozone. Basically the pollution is raised due to the burning of fossil fuel. it is very harmful for the human skin and can also cause some kind of cancer.

Accidental air Pollution:
It is the type of pollution that is characterized due to the causes that are accidentally in nature. Commonly it is defined as the type of air pollution that is generated due to the different types of fuel consumption by the vehicles or when the forest are burnt different types of gases are evolved that are mixed with the air and pollute the air. Some times this pollution is also spread due to the plant leakage or different types of blasts in the furnaces of the manufacturing plants.

Industrial Air Pollution:
Another type of air pollution that pollutes the environment as a result of the industrial processes is called as industrial pollution. Commonly it is characterized due to the working of the thermal plants and also the different plants that are used to manufacture different types of fertilizers or pesticides. The reactions that are used to produce different types of building material such as cement or steel etc also encourage the production or toxic materials for producing air pollution. On the whole the air pollution due to the industrial wastes is called as industrial air pollution. Different type of atomic units also contributes in that type of pollution.

Transport Related Air Pollution:
It is that type of air pollution that is characterized due to the smoke emitting by different types of vehicles used for transportation. As fuel such as petrol or diesel burnt in the engine can emit different types of poisonous gases in the form of smoke. This pollution can cause different types of harmful diseases.