What Is Hazardous Waste?

Different types of material that are produced as a result of different type of processes of manufacturing house hold products. These types of materials are very toxic, reactive and really harmful for the environment and people are badly effected with this. Basically these are the waste material produced by the useful products. This waste is called as hazardous waste. So, it is recommended that we should dispose these products very carefully to save the environment from contamination. As hazardous waste is flammable so different types of fire extinguishers are also used.

Types of Hazardous Waste:

There are many types of hazardous waste depend on the different types of dangerous aspects cause by them. As we know that these wastes are very harmful for the environment so it is suggested to discard them with real care and with the help of professionals. Some important types of hazardous wastes are as follows

  1. Nuclear waste
  2. Industrial waste
  3. Medical waste
  4. Universal waste
  5. Construction waste

 Nuclear Waste:
The main type of hazardous waste that causes the different types of harmful diseases in the environment is nuclear waste. It is the type of hazardous waste that is generated during the manufacturing of the different type of nuclear technologies and we can also say that these wastes are produced by nuclear plants. These wastes are called as nuclear waste. These wastes can cause different types of harmful and the destructive problems that can immediately cause different types of cancers of skin as well as of internal parts. So, we should need lot of strictness to avoid nuclear waste

Medical Waste:

Second type of the hazardous waste is the medical waste. These are the waste that are produced from different types of medical process and also related to the hospitality etc. They are biohazard in nature and can cause some incurable diseases also. Basically these wastes are generated from the insecure disposal of the medical products such as needles and blood samplers also.

Industrial Waste:

The waste that is generated as a result of the different types of processes of the industries such as manufacturing new products for the benefits of the mankind is called as industrial waste. Basically this problem is generated from the chemicals that are used in the production of different types of goods. Chemicals include varnishes; wood preservation chemicals etc. different types of medicine manufacturing industries also take part in generating such type of wastes. So, EPA recommends different types of chemicals to save the environment from industrial waste.

Universal Waste:
Another type of hazardous waste is universal waste. These wastes are generated from the production of the products that are used in the both areas either commercially or personally. Some important types of products that can cause the universal waste are the different types of light bulbs also batteries used to run something. As we know that the disposal of the bulbs and the batteries are not seen properly in the societies that can cause the serious problems in the environment.

Causes of Hazardous Waste:
Causes of the hazardous waste are not typical and specific but the causes are generated from the different toes of products of our daily use such as different types of pharmaceutical products can cause the hazardous waste, some industrial products, bulbs, batteries, some nuclear products etc. so We should take care of them during disposal and follow the instructions given by EPA.

How to Dispose Hazardous Waste:
There are different ways that are used to dispose these kinds of dangerous materials. Some important ways that are used widely to discard the hazardous waste are recycling of the products, some types of burning of old materials and many more chemical processes