Water Resources – Resources Of Water

Water resources are defined as the sources by which we can get the water for our different types of uses and also those sources that gives the huge benefit to the life of the humans is referred to as the water resources. The water that is used in the production of different types of useful products also included in the water resources. Or we can also say that the availability of the water to get rid of the demand of the water is called as water resources. Basically the function of the water resources is that to overcome the desires or the requirement of the water for the agricultural or household purposes.

Types of Water Resources:
The water resources are divided into different categories on the because of their composition and also on the basis of their uses for the benefit of the humanity. Some important types of water resources that are used to provide the useful sources of water are as follows

Saltwater Resources:
Saltwater resources are the types of water resources tat can make the saltwater for the sake of the benefit of the mankind and also save the environment from harm. As we know that there is abundance of the saltwater in the whole World. But the saltwater resources when come contact with the regular supplies, it lost its useful properties. Saltwater resources are also useful ion generating the hydroelectric energy. But the tidal water is essential for the generation.

Surface Water Resources:
Another type of the water resources is the surface water resource. it is that type of water resources in which the water present in the rivers or in the streams plays an important role in maintaining different types of technologies and also used to upgrade the productivity. Basically this type of water is used in many useful purposes such as for the industrial use, for agricultural use and for the generation of different types of energy i.e. hydro electrical energy. Surface water is very important because its 98% is used in the industry for manufacturing of different products.

Ground Water Resources:

It is that type of water resource that is comprised on the different types of water resources that are fresh in nature. Because of its high usefulness people use groundwater to increase the growth rate of the plants. The ground water that moves into the ground makes the soil fertile and increases its productivity. Ground water divided into two zones i.e. saturated and unsaturated and these zones are separated with the help of water table below the ground.

Factors Affecting the Water resources:
There are lots of factors that affect the properties of the water resources and some time enhance or decrease the property of them. Some important factors that play an important role in the water resources are given below

Different types of factors related to the climate affect the water resources. For example the water distribution during the rainfall plays an important role and time period of falling also matters. Snow factor also affect the water resources because some times the water become ice. Some factors related to the plants are also affecting the water resources such as the process of evaporation and the property of the plant to transpire.

Physiographic Factors:
These are the other types of factors that affect the water resources; basically it is the combination of two factors i.e. physical and the geometric factors. in the physical factors we deals the type of land used for the cultivation, types of soil and many other related factors. But in the geometric factors we discussed about the shape and the area and also the drainage property etc.