What Is Environmental Health

Environmental heath is the branch of environmental sciences that deals with the phenomena and study of various kinds of health care issues and the procedures for the recovery of damages caused by the environmental pollution. Many health organizations such as World health organization officially define the environmental health as an essential part of the research.

Importance of Environmental Health:
Environmental health has great importance in our lives because of the pollution that is caused by different kind of resource such as manufacturing plants, smoke etc. environmental health tells us how to deal directly with the pollution and all the tricks to prevent from the harmful affects of this pollution. It’s the field of study with diverse dimensions in ail the aspects of world including natural and artificial environment. All the aspect of human safety which include external and internal physical, mental and conscience health lies in the environmental health.

Major Concerns of Environmental Health:
Environmental health deals with all the fields of the life but the foremost aspects in which environmental health is directly involved are listed below.


Air is the second essence of life after water .it is of utmost importance for the living organism to survive. But if the air gets infected than it could take away lives. Environmental health captures all the issues regarding the quality of indoor and outdoor air. Air pollution caused by smoke is the main focus in it. Treatments of infected air, precautions and safety measures all are addressed by environmental health science.

Body art safety:
Body art is one of the kinds of art that is getting famous in the foreign states day by day. Environmental health tells what are the safety measures that’s hold be taken while dealing with tattooing, body piercing and permanent cosmetics surgeries. Their side effects and recovery facts are also there.

Climatic changes:
Climatic changes also affect the lives of living organism. Environmental health helps us to better understand the climatic changes and we learn how to live according to the changing environment. Climatic changing involves air pressures, rain falls, humidity and dry dust and seasonal viral diseases.

Another important aspect of environmental science is natural disasters that can appears any time. Environmental health prepares us mentally for dealing with the natural disasters, how to response the immediate destructive situations, and what steps should be for the survival.

Food safety:
Safe food is the right of every human being. Environmental health tells us what food is safe for use and what’s not, agricultural farming ad toxic affects of foods, fungus protection and preservation, transportation of food.

Water Protection:
Clean drinking water is the essence of life and every human being should know about the importance of water and should also know how to handle the contaminated water. Remedies for water, filtration techniques and leakage prevention, types of water and their affects all are addressed by environmental health.

Housing Standards:
Standard of livings also affect the health of the living being. Clean surroundings and appropriate standard of living well, defiantly helps in good health and good future. Another important issue that environmental healthy deal with the housing standards, it addresses the affects of sub standard housing and tells how to live in the dirty surrounding safely.

Chemical, Medical and Liquid Wastes Management:
The major source of water and air pollution is the chemical and liquids discharging from factories environmental health also deals with the disposal of waste water and  used medical equipments such as syringes, and needles, used medicine bottles etc. it provide us with all the details regarding health safety from chemicals and their affects.

Toxicity of many consumer cosmetic procedures are also included in the environmental health. It tells us how to handle the affects of such procedures on air, water and soil.