Sustainable Energy vs Renewable Energy

Mostly people think that these two energies are of same nature with different names but this perception is wrong. Renewable energy includes all those natural sources which can be replaced by natural ecological cycles. On the other hand sustainable energies are those energies that help this world in meeting its present needs without depleting ability of serving next generation’s needs. Both kinds of energy leaves approximately zero effect on environment and remain in same form throughout existence on this universe.

renewable vs sustainable

Energies Counted as both, Sustainable and Renewable:
Tidal, wave, geothermal and wind energies are mostly counted as renewable energies while oil and gas present at large scale are sources of sustainable energies. But fact is that the sun, the wind, and the earth’s heat can be characterized as both sustainable and renewable energy sources.

Solar Energy: energy comes from sun in form of heat and light is called solar energy. Solar energy is sustainable as well as renewable and leaves no harmful effects on environment. Different technologies are being used to convert solar energy into electricity or heat power and some new technologies are being developed as well. New technologies will work to manufacture highly efficient solar modules so that efficient results can get. Here is detailed article on Solar energy.

Wind power: another multi nature type of energy is wind power. Wind power itself is nothing, but is an extension of solar power. When heat of sun hits surface of earth, different materials absorb it and in night time discharge this heat that move the cool air. This cycle blows wind that rotates wind mills or wind turbines. With this rotation of turbines electricity is generated. Here is detailed articles about Wind power.

Biomass: Biomass is a great source of renewable energy and is gathered from biological materials. This energy source can be used directly to get power or it can be converted in some other forms of energy like biofuel. Different materials like Plants, trees, switch grass, corn are burned to get power. Here is detailed article aboutBiomass energy.

Geothermal energy: Geothermal energy is also famous type of energy source and is gathered from heat that comes from the earth. Earth is great source of heat at certain points where it combines with water and is very easy to extract. Many reservoirs of heat have been discovered and are used today for producing electricity in eco-friendly manner. Here is detailed article on Geothermal energy.

Wave power: another clean solution to generate electricity is from wave power. For conversion of wave power into electric current strong equipments and heavy investments are required. This area is at its initial level but soon researchers will discover best ways of using it. Here is detailed article on Wave power.
Hydropower: production of electrical power is based on gravitational force of water flowing or falling on the ground under this head. As this power comes from water, it is clean source of energy and does not add pollutants to air like burned fossil fuels and natural gas. Here is detailed article on Hydropower.

Fundamental Differences Sustainable energy and Renewable energy

  1. Pollution: some sustainable sources like coal, oil and natural gas etc emits carbon on the atmosphere. These sources give one part of energy while rests of the two parts are wasted in form of carbon. But with renewable energy sources like solar, wind or wave carbon emission is almost zero.
  2. Energy conservation: sustainable energies were introduced to conserve energy reservoir in the long run. Like coal and oil which are going to end in near future, with conservation techniques can be saved for future. While renewable energies are never going to end and are available for free.
  3. Natural Existence: most of the sustainable energies are natural and limited; humans cannot produce them at time of need.  While renewable energy sources are artificial and needs special arrangements to capture and use them. Like to use wind power we have to install wind wills, and for solar power we use solar panels. Besides this renewable energies are of abundant nature.